The value of UX Design

Any one can develop a website these days, what with platforms such as Squarespace and WIX it’s making it easier for any one even if they have no web experience to produce a website. However, whether that website works properly on mobile devices, looks professional is a different story. Yes, ...

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Optimising your images

Optimising your images is the new way to boost your SEO because now Google are focusing on websites that load fast, and optimising your images is a sure way to make that happen. Have you ever wondered the following…. Why is it that when I do a Google image search, ...

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How Video Creates SEO Results

Video has become a very important feature for anyone who is concerned with a good SEO ranking, conversion rates and brand recognition. That’s pretty much all of us. So how does video marketing affect your website’s SEO, and how can you use it in your content marketing strategy? Below are some key ...

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